The 1st SkatingVerse Workshop & Challenge

Morning, May 27th, lstanbul, Turkey

Invited Speakers

Invited speaker 1: Dima Damen, Professor, University of Bristol (confirmed)

Biography: Dima Damen is a Professor of Computer Vision at the University of Bristol. Dima is currently an EPSRC Fellow (2020-2025), focusing her research interests in the automatic understanding of object interactions, actions and activities using wearable visual (and depth) sensors. She has contributed to novel research questions including assessing action completion, skill/expertise determination from video sequences, discovering task-relevant objects, dual-domain and dual-time learning as well as multi-modal fusion using vision, audio and language. She is the project lead for EPIC-KITCHENS, the largest dataset in egocentric vision, with accompanying open challenges. She also leads the EPIC annual workshop series alongside major conferences (CVPR/ICCV/ECCV).

Invited speaker 2: Karen Simonyan, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Inflection AI (confirmed)

Biography: Karen Simonyan is Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of Inflection AI. Karen is one of the most accomplished deep learning research leaders of his generation: his publications (including 5 papers in Nature and Science) attracted over 150,000 citations. He completed his DPhil and Postdoc at Oxford where he designed VGGNet and won the prestigious ImageNet Challenge; his first company was then acquired by DeepMind. As a Principal Scientist at DeepMind, Karen built and led the Large Scale Deep Learning team developing large AI models of real-world data. Karen played a key role in such AI breakthroughs as AlphaZero, AlphaFold, WaveNet, BigGAN, and Flamingo.

Anticipated target audience as well as expected number of attendees

The expected number of attendees is 200 from a conservative estimation based on the past publication record on related topics. We prefer a half-day event for this workshop.